Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I wish He was still here.

 Elliott Fitzgerald Griffin 2001-2013

 He is Toby's hammock.

 Elliott was 10 here. We went to petsmart.

 This Christmas 2013.  Knew this was his last.

                                                                       Elliott's last day. 6/17/2013

Obviously, I am in very few pictures with him, but I have taken nearly all the pictures...so I am behind the camera.  Throughout the years he has been there.  I didn't always give him all my attention as we had 3 kids who were born during the 11 & a half yrs we had Elliott.  He loved those babies, who grew up to love him.  He was more than just a dog.  He was like my first child.  Ken and I got him when we were only 6 months married.  He gave me a glimpse of what it would be like to have children...but he was way easier!  Seriously, he was such an important part of our family.  He greeted each child from the hospital.  He was so gentle and protective.  He greeted every person who ever came to our doorstep.  I think our whole neighborhood knew Elliott as he guarded our driveway...and warned us about every person walking down the street.  He was loved by most everyone.  He caught frisbees and balls better than any dog I ever knew...he swam in the coldest of water and never quit.  Every dollar spent on him was worth it!  Although the sadness I feel right now makes me not ever want to fall in love with another dog again...There were so many firsts with Elliott...but mostly I love to see how he made my kids feel.  The comfort he brought them in so many ways.  We love you Elliott and miss you more than words can say.  I wish you were still here. (sniffle, sniffle, sniffle.....)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Top Pics from phone.

 The Pictures on this entry are from my phone and I don't want to spend the time inserting them in the right timeline.  This is the top pics.
 Love to see my boys being boys!


 Ken at Trim Castle(Where Braveheart was filmed) in Ireland.

 My 3 yr old Pre-school class
 Cracker Barrel

 Grams (Marie) , whom I play Bunco with turned 95.
 Savannah, GA (YOu should visit)
Ken's Grann'a table refinished.
 Beth and I at the Beach...Tybee Island

 Leisel VERY sick.
 All Better!
 Love the Legos!
My Friend's youngest son.
 What a Hootin big mess on the dresser!
 With Jessica at Celtic Women.
 Caleb has an honorable mention for his art which he went to a show.

 With E-pa
With Eliza and Memaw.